Consumer Summit

Stay tuned for updates about the 2023 event

May 24, 2023 8:30AM – 1:30PM
Hale Centre Theatre, Sandy UT

Brandless and Clarke Capital Partners present Consumer Summit
Brandless and Clarke Capital Partners present Consumer Summit

Leading Consumer Transformation

Silicon Slopes’ is full of world-class consumer companies and leaders. To grow and amplify this booming sector and the companies in it, this Summit is bringing together industry experts, successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, and funding partners to give insights and discussion on all things transformation. With compelling speakers, deep-diving panels, and interactive product experiences, attendees will learn about the market, customer, influencer, funding and technology transformations that are shaping the future.

Regardless of the size or stage of growth of your consumer company, this immersive half-day will give you the inspiration, vision, and tools to help your team, product, or company adapt and succeed in today’s consumer environment. Join us and learn how to connect your business to the new customer and new consumer landscape.


Fast, engaging presentations packed with insights and high-value content from consumer leaders who are innovating to meet the needs of the new customer.


Consumer company executives, influencers, and insiders will dive deep into market drivers, customer experience, funding trajectories, influencer activation, and go-to-market insights and innovation in the consumer world today.


Real-world products and companies that are standing out and succeeding in today’s evolved consumer environment.


Honors recognizing the innovations and companies who are leading the charge in consumer transformation, including one company that is redefining the industry.


A store and product display of the top consumer products and innovations to see, shop, and show off Silicon Slopes’ best stuff.



Silicon Slopes is the home to one of the largest consumer communities in the country with thousands of brands, technology companies, creators and producers of products and experiences that people use everyday. This summit highlights the market-leading industry, and is part of a strategic initiative to help highlight and solidify Silicon Slopes as a leader in the consumer industry. Companies with vision and expertise are using this Summit to amplify our community’s consumer industry thought leadership, support all of our consumer companies, and ultimately succeed to this united goal.

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